Pillars Program/Adult Training

This membership is perfect for those who need a great work out in a short period of time either in the morning or later afternoons. Perfect for those who work our have busy schedules. These sessions are led by our Head Trainer Joel and are offered throughout the week M-F from 7am-9am. Additional classes will be offered upon request. 

Classes Include: 

  • Foam Rolling/Soft Tissue Recovery 
  • Active Warm Up 
  • The program is based on Joel’s Pillars of fitness: Injury Prevention, Mobility, Stability, Strength and Cardio. A “Pillar” will comprise of 3 movements in each category listed above. Each Pillar lasts 8 min and allows you to get a comprehensive and balanced fitness routine done in an hour! 


  • First Session is Free! Come give it a try before signing up!
  • Drop in Class = $25 
  • 10 Class Pack = $150 
  • Monthly Unlimited = $75/Month (Requires 3 Month Commitment)