Pricing on Programs and Memberships


At Genesis we provide a variety of services to ensure the quality of our results as well as to provide exactly what our clients need. Below is a list of our memberships and services we provide:

Physical Therapy:

Specialized treatment with our head physical therapist.

We accept the following Insurance Companies:

  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield of CA
  • Cigna
  • Medicare
  • United Health Care/Optum

Non-insurance pricing:

  • $90/HR

Customized Fitness Membership:

This package is geared towards individuals that want to dedicate their time to becoming a serious athlete. This is our full program all in one. Here we evaluate the physical qualities/faults of the individual, advise their nutrition, evaluate their physical performance and then formulate a plan for them to maximize their body.

Membership Includes:

  • 1 Health Screen with our head pt each month
  • 1 Athletic evaluation from head trainer each month
  • Customized Training Program each month
  • Customized Nutrition Plan
  • Unlimited facility access
  • 1 free work shop a month


  • $200 – each month

Performance Training Membership:

This package is geared towards younger individuals that are trying to prepare for the next step of their physical development and want to be in a competitive atmosphere around other serious athletes in a more group environment.

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited workouts each week (different emphasis each day but not custom to individual)
  • Each client may choose any day Monday-Saturday during operating hours.
  • Work outs include full warm up, emphasis of the day and recovery


  • First Session is FREE!
  • $150 – each month

Genesis Pillars Membership:

To help those who are busy with life and have a tough time making time for the gym. These are interval style workouts that allow are client to maximize their time in a competitive group environment. Workouts include active warm up, four 10 minute pillar workouts and a cool down.

Membership Includes:

3 one hour work outs a week held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8am and 9am. (more time slots available upon request.)


  • First Session is FREE!
  • $100 – each month

Private Training/Consults:

These are geared towards those individuals who either are recovering from a serious injury or those who prefer to work one on one with our head staff members.

  • 1 hr = $90
  • 5 pack = $400
  • 10 pack = $700
  • 1 HHR = $60
  • 5 pack = $250
  • 10 pack = $400


These are geared towards the individuals that want to learn more about our facility and our staff as well as to connect with guest speakers they may not normally interact with.


  • Free-$50

Take Home Programs:

Programs are customized to the individual bases on their needs/goals. Programs are designed to last an entire month and can include: physical therapy, recovery, strength training, performance training and sport specific skill work

  • $50-$200 depending on program